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2008 ILSE General Assembly in Berlin

The General Assembly of ILSE was organised in conjunction with the RESCUE 2008 World Championships in Lifesaving (see and the ILS General Assembly in Berlin/Germany on 18th July 2008.

After 34 years of duty, the Senior Vice President Bertil Werner (Sweden) stepped back from his position. The Secretary General, Dr. Dirk Bissinger (Germany) left to take over a new position within ILS.

On this occasion a new Board of Directors was elected: Dr. Klaus Wilkens (Germany) was re-elected as President, also the Vice Presidents Frank Nolan (Ireland) and Jerzy Telak (Poland) were re-elected, Frank Nolan became the new Senior Vice President. New elected were Angleo Lattarulo (Italy) and Eric Bech (Denmark). Secretary General became Dr. Detlev Mohr (Germany).

The following persons were elected as Members: Boris Donda (Switzerland), Roberts Furmanis (Latvia), Isabel Garcia Sanz (Spain), Walter Grimm (Austria), Clive Holland (RLSS United Kingdom), Dr. Neand Javornik (Croatia), Georgios M. Karagiannis (Greece), Harold Kovs (Lithuania), John Martin (SLSA Great Britain), Dr. Sanja Mazic (Serbia), Julia Nelezina (Russia), Inkilap Obruk (Turkey), Polykarpos Pallikaros (Cyprus), Dr. Todor Popov (Bulgaria), Jean Pierre Soubiran (France), Thomas ter Stege (The Netherlands), Claes Thorell (Sweden), Rik Voorhelst (Belgium), Co-opted: Gheorghe Oancea (Romania).

At the same time Dr. Klaus Wilkens was appointed Vice President of the European Region in the ILS Board. European Members in the ILS Board became: Erich Bech (Denmark), Dr. Nenad Javornik (Croatia), Clive Holland (RLSS United Kingdom), Angelo Lattarulo (Italy), John Martin (SLSA Great Britain), Frank Nolan (Ireland) and Claes Thorell (Sweden).

Further the General Assembly decided on amendments of the ILSE Constitution and Bye Laws.

Following the General Assembly the new elected Board met for the first time and appointed Kenneth White (RLSS United Kingdom) as Juridical Advisor, Dr. Anthony Handley (RLSS United Kingdom) as Medical Advisor and Helmut Stöhr (Germany) as Development Advisor. The Board also appointed the new composition of the ILSE Education-, Rescue-, Sports- and Management and Administration Commission. First plannings for the coming period of offices were done. The first Commission Meetings will be held in Bad Nenndorf, Germany in January 2008, whereas the next Board meeting will take place in Cyprus in May 2009.