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Successful ILSE Commission Meeting in Stratford upon Avon

The annual meetings of ILSE Education, Rescue, Sport and Management and Administration Commissions took place connected with EU Partnership Seminar 2nd project from 16th – 19th January 2014 in Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom. RLSS UK arranged a perfect set-up in Shakespeare’s Stratford and got an outstanding feed-back for its hospitality. 65 Commission Members and participants at the EU Partnership Seminar of 17 ILSE Member Associations were present to discuss lifesaving topics according to the agendas in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere.
Here a short summary of topics and main discussion points of the several Commission Meetings:

Education Commission
- implementation of the EQF-1 results into the national training frameworks of the members
- creation of a multi-national expert group for the transposition of the EQF-2 results
- further discussion about the definition of swimming

Rescue Commission
- revision of the lifejacket application of 2013
- development of pool safety risk assessment guidelines
- assessment Senior Tutors’ meeting in Dublin in March 2014.
- translation of Swedish and Polish Ice Rescue Guidelines into English and SOP for Beach Lifeguarding

Sport Commission
- revision of the ILSE Competition Rulebook
- further revisions of the rules only every 4 years
- discussion of the outcome of the Warendorf Seminar on the Future of Lifesaving Sport to prepare an ILSE Board decision
- focus priority on achieving well-run World and Regional Championships first to become a full Olympic sport
- future European Championships for Masters as of 2015 back under umbrella of ILSE
- increase of the safety level at competitions

Management and Administration Commission
- reporting system for the fulfillment of the ILSE strategic plan
- identification of cross-overs between the commissions
- further improvement of drowning statistics an co-operation with Child Safety
- further revisions of the rules only every 4 years
- add more information about the beneficial work of ILSE on the ILSE website.