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DLRG with topic Swim Ability and Closing of Pools in the German Parliament

Three weeks ago ILSE Member DLRG published its annual report in a press conference:

Main topic was the result of a representative survey in the German population about the swim ability with a terrible result. The swim ability is decreasing – also in the group of children in primary schools and youth. Over weeks it was topic in the media – newspapers, radio stations, TV. Still a campaign is running in one of the broadcast stations of Berlin: . Together with a Health Insurance Company they are organizing swimming courses for adults for free.

This huge media interest was the reason for a hearing in the German Parliament (German Bundestag). Vice President of DLRG, Dr. Detlev Mohr, got the opportunity to speak in the Sports Committee of the German Parliament ( ; agenda of the meeting on 2017-06-17 ).

One hour later there took place in the Plenary Session of the German Bundestag an one-hour-discussion to the topic swim ability and closing of pools. DLRG Vice President Ute Vogt (she is member of the Parliament for the SPD) could speak in this discussion. All speakers mentioned the DLRG Survey and offered their opinion why the situation became so worse.

For those who are able to understand German, the speaches could be of interest:

Zusatztagesordnungspunkt 2:
Aktuelle Stunde auf Verlangen der Fraktion DIE LINKE:
Kindern das Schwimmenlernen ermöglichen – Auswirkungen von Privatisierungen und Schwimmbadschließungen

Jan Korte (DIE LINKE)
Barbara Woltmann (CDU/CSU)
Mahmut Özdemir (Duisburg) (SPD)
Dr. Frank Steffel (CDU/CSU)
Dr. André Hahn (DIE LINKE)
Ute Vogt (SPD)
Britta Haßelmann (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN)
Eckhard Pols (CDU/CSU)
Jeannine Pflugradt (SPD)
Josef Rief (CDU/CSU)
Erich Irlstorfer (CDU/CSU)