Extraordinary General Assembly and Annual Meetings of ILSE


The Annual Meetings of the ILSE Education, Rescue, Sport and Management and Administration Commissions took place in conjunction with the Extraordinary General Assembly 15th – 18th January 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. ILSE Member Irish Water Safety arranged a perfect set-up in Irelands capital and got an outstanding feed-back for its hospitality.
About 90 participants at the Extraordinary General Assembly and Commission Members of 21 ILSE Member Associations were present.
The participants discussed lifesaving topics according to the agendas in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere. Highly interest of the ILSE Rescue Commission has been the discussion about the forming of a working group ‘disaster operation and civil protection’.
ILSE President Dr. Detlev Mohr honoured several Board and Commission members for their long and outstanding work for lifesaving in Europe.

Here a short summary of topics and main discussion points of the Extraordinary General Assembly and of the several Commission Meetings:

Extraordinary General Assembly:
– amendments to the ILSE Constitution
– prolonging of term of office

Education Commission
– higher education of Safety Managers in cooperation at Universities according to EQF2
– future project fund by Erasmus+
– swimming ability definition

Rescue Commission
– updating Risk Assessment courses
– creating Risk Assesments by using digital media (tablet, smartphone etc.)
– new task to develop disaster operation and civil protection during flooding
– form a new working group, appointed chair Hans-Hermann Höltje due to his great experience in the field of disaster operation

Sport Commission
– European Championships in Spain for Youth and Masters in September 2015
– Interclub and National Teams Championships in Wales at the beginning of August 2015
– IRB Championships in The Netherlands at the end of August 2015
– determine that the programme of Masters Competitions in futre will be the ‘full programme’
– nomination of referees for all Championships in 2015
– finishes the new ILSE Competition Rulebook, which follows the ILS Competition Manual, the ILSE Competition Rulebook will be published in February 2015
– decision about European Championships in 2017
– co-operation together with European Beach Flag Tour and European Oceanman Tour

Management and Administration Commission
– strategic planning
– WHO drowning report
– developing a new questionnaire to ILSE Members
– development of the next MAC Best-Practice-Seminar