ILSE Drowning Prevention Commission

The ILSE General Assembly decided to change the Education Commission to Drowning Prevention Commissions.

The motivation to renew the Commission was to strengthen drowning prevention aspects within ILSE as well as the coordination of drowning prevention activities across the commissions; this will encourages us for our work in the commission.

We are aiming to establish a common understanding of drowning and want to improve data about drowning. Moreover, it is our dedication to enhance the impact measurement of drowning prevention and spread good-practice of prevention-methods to reduce drowning.

You can contact the Drowning Prevention Commission via the ILSE Secretariat and/or


Chair: Ana Maria Domínguez Pachón (Spain)
Vice Chair: Cavell Burchell (United Kingdom)
Secretary: Torill Hindmarch (Norway)


  • Christian Landsberg (Germany)
  • Fred Paalvast (Netherlands)
  • Christian Poutriquet (France)
  • Philippe Verhelst (Belgium)
  • Stoyan Andonov (Bulgaria)
  • Riitta Vienola (Finland)
  • Mikael Olausson (Sweden)
  • Trine Gudnitz Allpass (Denmark)
  • Tiziano Maria Fioravanti (Italy)
  • Ana Catarina Queiroga (Portugal)
  • Alexandre Manuel Tadeia Mesquita (Portugal)
  • Ksenia Ivankina (Russia)
  • Dr. Hayri Hayrettin Tokmakҫi PhD (Turkey)
  • Vasileios Alexopoulos (Greece)


  • Maria Victoria Garcia (Spain)
  • Egil Galaaen Gjolme (Norway)
  • Alessandro Mingarelli (Italy)


  • Jonathan Passmore (WHO Europe)