ILSE Education Commission

The ILSE Education Commission is dedicated to the promotion and professional devel­opment of lifesavers and lifeguards.

Freshwater and ocean diploma courses have been developed for European accreditation. Curriculum development, including the European Diploma, is a core activity of the Commission.

You can contact the Education Commission via .


The main task of the education commission is to harmonise the teaching of Lifesavers and Lifeguards all over Europe. Furthermore, new skills and teaching content will be developed in this commission.


Chairman: Janet Wilson (United Kingdom)
Vice Chairman: Riitta Vienola (Finland)
Secretary: Mats Melbye (Norway)


  • Philippe Verhelst (Belgium)
  • Stoyan Andonov (Bulgaria)
  • Silvana Radovanovic (Croatia)
  • Sabine Lillmanntöns (Germany)
  • Fred Paalvast (Netherlands)
  • Alberto Garcia Sanz (Spain)
  • Mona Lisa Wernesten (Sweden)
  • Fabienne Meier (Switzerland)

Co-opted Members

  • Vasilios Hantzopoulos (Greece)
  • Tiziano Fioravanti (Italy)