History of ILSE & Archive

The merging of the common objectives of the Fédération Internationale de Sauvetage aq­uatique (FIS) and the World Life Saving (WLS) was realized by forming a new larger inter­na­tional life saving organisation. The new world body was founded on 24th February 1993 in Leu­ven/Belgium by the official signing of the merging agreement between FIS and WLS. On the same date FIS and WLS agreed a draft ILS Constitution and draft Bye-Laws. The Interna­tional Life Saving Federation (ILS) was constituted on 3rd September 1994 in Cardiff (Wales/United Kingdom).

In order to promote closer relationships and activities within a continent or other area of the world, Regional Branches of ILS were founded. Their role is to co-ordinate various Member Federations on all regional activities, help any country requesting assistance and conduct ex­pansion campaigns among nearby countries which are not members of ILS.

Four different Regional Branches were formed: Africa, Americas, Asia/Pacific and Europe. All ILS Member Federations within a geographical and political region are automatically Members of the corresponding Regional Branch. All European Member Federations belong to the INTERNATIONAL LIFE SAVING FEDERATION – Europe (ILSE).

The ILSE Board of Directors decided in 2018 to build an Historical ArchivePlease follow this link to have a first view. For further information and detailed documents please get in contact with the ILSE Secretariat.