EQF-2 Project

European Qualification Framework (EQF2)

In Europe 35 000 – 40 0000 people drown each year. Tourists travel all over Europe and need water safety for/during their leisure time activities and holidays. Therefore standardised information (ISO 20712) and qualified lifeguard service at beaches, in swimming pools and at lakes and rivers, and consistent management of water safety activities generally are necessary.

Lifeguards must be well educated and should be mobile to be able to take their vocation in different countries in Europe. Therefore a “European Qualification Framework for Lifesaving” was developed by the International Life Saving Federation of Europe (ILSE) and accepted by the EU Directorate General on 23rd September 2009.

The EQF1 Project developed a qualification Framework for levels 1 to 4: Lifesaver *, Lifesaver **, Lifesaver *** and Lifesaving Instructor/Chief Lifesaving Instructor.

A new partnership project, EQF2, was put forward to develop the Framework further for levels 5 to 8 for Water Safety Management and this was accepted by the EU Directorate General in 2012.

Up to now there is no common European qualification concept for higher levels in Water Safety Management. There is however a growing need for specialists and managers of staff in water safety with higher levels of qualifications. Some Higher Education Institutions (HEI) offer some courses with some lifesaving content, but the main focus of these programs is on different topics such as tourism, sport or environment, and not on Water Safety Management as a specialism.

Please find below the final report about the ILSE-EU Partner Project “Safer Europe by higher qualified Water Safety Managers“ 2012 – 2014.