ILSE Management & Administration Commission

The ILSE Management and Administration Commission is dedicated to deal with the organisational and administrative affairs of the national federations.

The members are the national CEO’s, Secretary Generals and/or other responsible managers.

You can contact the Management and Administration Commission via .


Chair: Reto Abächerli (Switzerland)
Vice Chair: Giovanni Legnani (Italy)
Secretary: Kristiina Heinonen (Finland)


  • Peter Barendse (Netherlands)
  • Ludger Schulte-Hülsmann (Germany)
  • Krasimir Gigov (Bulgaria)
  • Magnus Erstrand (Sweden)
  • Andris Kraulis (Latvia)
  • Tomás Sebastián Rodriguez Pérez (Spain)
  • Ranko Demirovic (Serbia)
  • Stig Nikolaisen (Norway)
  • Ivan Kochetov (Russia)
  • Adnan Büyük (Turkey)