Assessed Beaches

The Rescue Commission of ILSE has therefore developed a strategic approach to Risk As­sessments, which will make a significant contribution to the safety of European bathing ar­eas. This model has been developed specifically for ILSE accredited Risk Assessors who will carry out the assessments on the designated bathing areas within the European region.

Accredited Risk Assessors are active in ILSE Member Associations in 13 countries in Europe: Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia, Denmark (DSF), Estonia, Germany (DLRG), Greece (HRC), Ireland, Latvia, Montenegro, The Netherlands (KNBRD), Norway, Switzerland, Serbia.

A properly implemented programme of Risk Assessment will assist greatly in the prevention of drowning fatalities and bathing related injuries. Such a programme will fix the necessary number of lifeguards and equipment, assist effective beach management and would there­fore be beneficial to Beach Managers, Lifeguards and Local Authorities/Beach Operators in general.

The Risk Assessment is divided into eight sections which cover the following areas:

  1. The area surveyed – The extent and description of the area surveyed
  2. Area usage and Activities – To include any areas to be zoned
  3. Emergency Service Access – Ease of access for emergency services
  4. Public Rescue Equipment – Any available rescue equipment for use by the public
  5. Signage – Availability of appropriate signage
  6. Safety Information Board – Availability and location of safety information
  7. Hazards and Risks – Identify, classify, remove or minimise
  8. Lifeguard Provision – Where necessary, appropriate provision, equipment, facilities and location

All Risk Assessors must have successfully undergone training and assessment courses con­ducted and approved by ILSE.

The Risk Assessment of Beaches and Pools give the national association the opportunity to sign a contract with the occupier or operator of the designated bathing area. In this contract the involved parties should determine the different conditions and requirements to procure the examination and assessment of the designated bathing area

The following templates should be used by ILSE Member Associations.