ILSE Rescue Commission

The ILSE Rescue Commission is dedicated to the introduction of new technology, and meth­odology so as to improve rescue ability and capability. Research and equipment testing is a core development activity.

You can contact the Rescue Commission via .


A primary objective of the Commission is to stan­dardize all types of rescue signs and equipment within Europe.

The Commission is working out a Beach Safety Signal System in co-operation with the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe FEEE/Blue Flag Campaign.


Chair: Martin Hoogslag (Netherlands)
Vice Chair: Giuseppe Andreana (Italy)
Secretary: Breda Collins (Ireland)


  • Sabine Spinde (Germany)
  • Teodora Tomova (Bulgaria)
  • Heikki Hämäläinen-Voima (Finland)
  • Louise Brädde (Sweden)
  • Dimitrios Chaliotis (Greece)
  • Sandra Casado Nava (Spain)
  • Mark Smith (United Kingdom)
  • John Heine Mogensen (Denmark)
  • Žolt Sendi (Serbia)
  • Mats Melbye (Norway)
  • Fernando Neves Rodrigues Martinho (Portugal)
  • Marco Manuel Ramalho Galamba (Portugal)
  • Marc Audeoud (Switzerland)
  • Alexandr Zuev (Russia)
  • Bedri Sincar (Turkey)
  • Michael Siter (Austria)


  • Oscar Veronese (Italy)