ILSE Board of Directors Meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus, 2019

The annual ILSE Board of Directors Meeting took place last weekend in Larnaca, Cyprus. The constructive and pleasant atmosphere enabled the Members of the ILSE Board of Directors to discuss and decide a lot of different items of the European collaboration in the field of drowning prevention, lifesaving and lifesaving sport.

The meeting was organised by the ILSE Full Member Cyprus Life Saving Federation. The long agenda included discussions about the outcome of the annual Commission Meetings, the organisation of the European Lifesaving Championships 2019 in Italy, activities at the European Water Safety Week in June 2019, the engagement in social media, refinancing of costs for special software, further financial items and possible adjustments of the ILSE Constitution and Bye-Laws.

President Dr. Detlev Mohr thanked Polis Pallikaros, President of the Cyprus Life Saving Federation for the successful organisation of ILSE Board of Directors Meeting At the official dinner ILSE was honoured by the visit of Demitris Syllouris, President of the Cypriot Parliament and Michalis Giorgallas, Member of the European Parliament. It was interesting to exchange opinions with them how to improve the collaboration between the European Member States and to make Europe a safer and better place.

ILSE Board of Directors