European Water Safety Week 2019

Beach Patrol from Ukraine: About 500 children from 12 different schools in 4 city districts have attended Junior Lifeguard workshops. During the workshops children got the water safety skills, learned how to do CPR, work with the rescue tubes and other rescue equipment.

The European Water Safety Week take place June 21-27, 2019. Several ILSE Member Associations are supporting this idea and participate with specific activities or events.

ILSE Member in Spain, Royal Spanish Lifeaving Federation RFESS, started the campaign #StopAhogados years ago very successful. 

Here you will find the activity list of all ILSE Member Associations:

Water Safety Week

According to the Events in Ireland please see here a lifeguard from Water Safety Ireland talking about the importance of Lifeguard Flags ‘The scariest moment of my life’ .

DLRG, Germany, translated the bathing rules in several languages

and published the annual Report 2018 and drowning figures 2018:

DLRG annual report 2018

DLRG drowning figures 2018

20180617 drowning stats Germany

In 2019 DLRG startet the action ‘Save Public Pools’ 20190305 Rettet die Bäder