Count down: There are now just over 6 weeks until the start of the European Championships. Following discussion between the Local Organising Committee and ILSE, it has been agreed that the normal entry period will be extended by one week to 10th August 2019. This extension recognises that some national teams and clubs have taken longer than anticipated to complete their purchase of accommodation and service packages from ORION, through which they gain the Access Code required to enter the OrgaNet competition system.

We are aware that there are a number of teams who are in the process of finalising their requirements with ORION, and that it will take them a little longer than expected to work through this. The issue has been exacerbated by some technical problems at the end of last week which prevented the ongoing exchange of communications between teams and ORION. The ILSE also recognises that this is the first time this system of booking accommodation and service packages has been used in connection with a European Championships. To give all teams an equal chance of ensuring their entries are submitted in normal time, a decision has therefore been taken to extend the normal entry deadline by one week.

The Late Entry period will also be extended by one further week from 11th to 31st August 2019

No entries will be possible after 31st August. All teams are reminded that after their team entry in OrgaNet has been approved, they must then ensure that they enter their competitors and team officials into the competition without delay, and before 31st August at the latest. To assist teams in making their entries into OrgaNet, the FAQ document below has been produced which explains the procedures that need to be taken.  

For getting some more information and beeing updated with all important news about the Championships please follow the link below:

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