Public Rescue Tubes: start of testing period

Sabine Spinde, Member of ILSE research group and German Lifesaving Society, and Dr. Detlev Mohr, President of ILSE and Vice-President of DLRG, presented the new Rescue Tube (and the old ring buoy). (photo: Frank Villmow)

Today one of the first Rescue Tubes became public in Graal-Müritz at the Baltic Sea in Germany: Dr. Detlev Mohr, President of ILSE and Vice-President of the ILSE Member German Lifesaving Society presented the Public Rescue Tube and made it available for the public. The lightness and flexibility of the Rescue Tube should enable laypersons to save persons from drowning. And of course the Tube should help to save the layperson itself: The foamed material should support the rescuer.

The Public Rescue Tube is one of about 20 Tubes installed in Denmark and Germany. Now the testing phase about 3 years started. The results of this period should help to modify and improve the Rescue Tubes in its function.

The Public Rescue Tube could be installed on beaches or at lakes, which are not assessed by lifeguards or water rescue services.

ILSE founded a research group with representatives of the ILSE Members Danish Water Safety Council, German Lifesaving Society and several experts in 2019 to develop and design a rescue tube. The group were in collaboration with the local authorities carrying out the tests at 40 locations in Germany and in Denmark. The European Lifesaving Federation is funding the project. You will find information about the development and further details here