ILSE Board of Directors Meeting 2023

Castellón, Spain , Spain

The annual meeting of the ILSE Board of Directors in presence will take place in Spain, Castellón, in May 2023.

Greek Drowning Prevention Day

The Greek Drowning Prevention Day was celebrated on May 11th as an opportunity to remember why drowning is a hidden and neglected cause of death. About 1.2 millions of intentional fatal deaths by drowning take place each year on the planet, i.e. one death per 30 sec (International Life Saving Federation). Greece ranks 5th on fatal drownings […]

Intern. Expert Symposium on Lifesaving Greece

The Greek Lifesaving Sports Association organised an International Expert Symposium on Lifesaving as Olympic Sport in May 2023. More details and a link to the press release you will find in the document below

25th International DLRG Cup 2023

Warnemünde , Germany

The annual International DLRG Cup will take place at the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde, Germany, July 13-16, 2023.

International Polish Lifesaving Championships

ILSE Member WOPR, Poland, organises in Gdańsk (East Pomeranian), Poland, the International Polish Lifesaving Championships from July 22-23. Please follow the link to the official website to find more information; the final registrations should be done before June 14th.