European Championships for Juniors

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The European Championships for Juniors took place from September 9th to 13th 2008 in the remarkable swimming pool of Eindhoven and at the broad beach of Scheveningen in The Netherlands.

“The event was perfect organized by the Dutch Lifesaving Federation KNLRB. 13 teams took part. The spectators have seen exciting high level and fair competitions. Seven European Records for Juniors were broken.” The Italian team was the winner in the pool (591 points), followed by Germany (580 points) and Spain (455 points).

The weather conditions at the Northern Sea were very difficult especially on the first competition day of the ocean events. It was stormy and some of the events have to be postponed. Under such conditions the British team became the winner (347 points) followed by France (308) and Germany (268 points).

Especially in the last races it was a hard struggle for the leading position. Only a few points have decided for the championships title. European Champion became Germany followed by Italy and Spain.

Here the total ranking of the National Junior Teams:

  1. Germany 862
  2. Italy 855
  3. Spain 705
  4. France 562
  5. Great Britain 504
  6. Belgium 270
  7. Ireland 252
  8. Netherlands 234
  9. Norway 171
  10. Switzerland 154
  11. Hungary 140
  12. Poland 117
  13. Czech Republic 98.

The full results are available at the championships’ website