ILSE and FIN Salvamento mourn for Angelo Lattarulo


It is with great regret and sadness that we have to announce the passing away of our friend and ILSE Vice President on Sunday, 16th January 2011 at the age of 63 years.

Before starting his carrier in the field of lifesaving, he was Captain on the Navy School Ship Amerigo Vespucci with the responsibility for the Military Sport. He always felt obliged for the sea, the sailing sport, the water safety and the culture.

On the ILSE Extraordinary General Assembly in Belgrade/Serbia in June 2007 Angelo Lattarulo was elected Member in the ILSE Board and at the same time European Member in the ILS Board. On the ILSE General Assembly in Berlin/Germany in August 2008 he was elected ILSE Vice President.

With Angelo we have lost a great supporter of all lifesaving activities and a good friend. Notwithstanding his healthy problems in the last years, he attended international meeting whenever it was possible. He also intended to come to the ILSE Commission Meetings, which took place 14th – 16th January 2011 in Cyprus. Only on 11th January we received the notice, that he won’t be able to come.

We extend our sincere and deepest sympathy to his wife Paola, to his sons Roberto and Alessandro and the Sezione Salvamento of the Federazione Italiana Nuoto.

Dr. Klaus Wilkens, ILSE President
Dr. Detlev Mohr, ILSE Secretary General