ILSE Board of Directors Meeting 2015


The annual and well organised ILSE Board of Directors Meeting took place May 1st – 3rd, 2015, in Agya Napa, Cyprus, in a pleasant atmosphere. ILSE Board Members discussed about several topics regarding Water Safety in Europe.
The Board of Directors decided about the applications of the Commissions. So ILSE recommends that workers and recreationalists operating in, on or near water consider the use of appropriate PFD’s. The Board discussed the procedure to update the strategic planning for the next term of office and agreed a paper about a scientific council in ILSE.
The Education Commission got advice to the further work on a statement about “survival swim”, “”swimming capability” and “competent swimmer”.
One of the main topics was the organisation of the several European Championships in 2015: Chair of ILSE Sport Commission, Bob Dekkers, presented the report about the plannings of the European Championships which will take place in Spain, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Please follow the link to get more information about the events:

European Championships National Teams and Interclubs 2015 in Swansea/Wales
European Championships Youth and Masters 2015 in Torrevieja (Alicante)/Spain
European Championships IRBs 2015 in Noordwijk/The Netherlands
Furthermore the Board of Directors decided to accept the bid of the Belgian Life Saving Federation (BLSF) to organise the European Championships 2017 in Oostende, Belgium. The representative of the city of Oostende, Yasmina Arab, and the President of BLSF, Dr. Harald Vervaecke, presented well-considered arrangements to welcome the participants at the EC in 2017.
The BOD discussed about the decision of the Extraordinary General Assembly of ILSE to form a new working group ‘Disaster operations/management and civil protection’. The first meeting will take place in July 23rd – 26th, 2015, in Bad Nenndorf, Germany.
President Dr. Detlev Mohr thanked Polis Pallikaros, President of the hosting ILSE Member Cyprus Life Saving Federation, for the excellent and successful organisation.