Meeting of the ILSE working group ‘Disaster Operations and Civil Protection’


The first meeting of the new formed ILSE working group ‘Disaster Operations and Civil Protection’ took place from July 23rd – 26th in Bad Nenndorf, Germany. The Head of the working group Hans-Hermann Höltje (Germany) welcomed the group members from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Serbia and the United Kingdom. He also welcomed the Honorary Life-President Dr. Klaus Wilkens and the Chair of ILSE Rescue Commission Ortwin Kreft.

Main topics and discussion points of the Meetings were:

• preparedness of the population
• rescue in case of floods

The members of the working group informed each other about the actual situation in their countries. The following discussions took place in a constructive and engaged atmosphere. The group members worked to develop some ‘Terms of Reference’ and make a series of recommendations to the ILSE Rescue Commission about the on-going work of the working group.

The next meeting of the working group should take place in March 2016 in The Netherlands.