Annual Meeting of ILSE Commissions


The annual meetings of ILSE Commissions took place in Stockholm and Helsinki, January 22nd – January 24th, 2016.

The participants first met in the cold, but sunny City of Stockholm and started with a Viking Line ferry ship in the direction of Helsinki. On Board the annual Best Practice Seminar took place, this year with the topic of safety of bigger events on and near water like water sports, racing or show event. The meetings continued in the winter atmosphere of Helsinki. Many of the participants took the chance to dive into the icy water and to experience how to feel in such a situation when the ice is breaking and how difficult it is to leave the water without any help from outside. ILSE will inform about the results of the meetings.

President of ILSE, Dr. Detlev Mohr, took the opportunity to award longstanding members of the Board or commissions which were present:

Certificate of Merit of ILSE to Gerald Innerwinkler, Member of ILSE Education Commission, ÖWR/Austria)
Officer of the European Order of Lifesaving to Erik Bech, Vice President of ILSE (DSF/Denmark)
Ambassador of the European Order of Lifesaving to Helmut Stöhr, Development Aid Advisor for the ILSE Board of Directors (DLRG/Gemany)
Ambassador of the European Order of Lifesaving to Ortwin Kreft, Chair of the ILSE Rescue Commission (DLRG/Germany).

Dr. Mohr congratulated the Finish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation to the 60th jubilee and for their great contribution to drowning prevention in Finland and Europe. He thanked also the two ILSE Members of Sweden and Finland for the excellent organisation of the ILSE Meetings.

He awarded the Medal of ILSE in Bronce to Karin Brand (SLS) and Kristiina Heinonen (FSL) for their engaged work in the headquarters of the both associations and especially for organising the meeting.

President of ILSE welcomed Bertil Werner, former Vice President of FIS and ILSE (1989 – 2008), and honoured his outstanding work and support with ILSE Medal in Gold.