LEN and ILSE signed ‘Memorandum of Understanding’

201902 LEN ILSE.jpg

President of FIN Italy and LEN, dottore Paolo Barelli, and President of ILSE, Dr. Detlev Mohr, signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’.

With sincere sorrow both federations have to observe that the swim ability of the European population and especially of our children is decreasing despite all efforts.

Therefore LEN and ILSE will strongly collaborate to improve the swimming skills of the Europeans and to concentrate the common power. Both have to convince the European Politicians not to be the spectators of the scene and to postpone activities. Politics has to act now – not if it is too late for further thousands of European citizens.

The reasons for the decrease of the swim ability are diverse. The global financial crisis and the economic situation in many European countries stress the budgets of the municipalities. Pools have to be closed due to lack of money for investment and repair. In the schools swimming lessons have to be skipped due to the decreasing pool capacities, the lack of enough well trained teachers and the huge distances to the next pool. The lifesaving clubs, recreational and speed swimmers, aqua gymnastic clubs and all the other water sports are struggling for the same too small pool capacities in the top hours of the days. Non swimming migrant families don’t know the hazards of our inland waterways and coastlines. Active elderly people overestimate their physical condition and their health status.

Both Presidents wish the campaign “Getting Europe Swimming Safely” a great success. The message to all European citizens is: “Please support us to make Europe safer!”