Annual ILSE Commission Meetings 2019

The annual Meetings 2019 of the ILSE Commissions took place in Heemskerk, The Netherlands, hosted by ILSE Member Reddingsbrigade Nederland.

The Meeting weekend started with the Best Practice Seminar, organized by the ILSE Management and Administration Commission.

Several speakers and representatives of ILSE Members presented the newest information about Water Safety and actual items.

The Best-Practice-Seminar was followed by the meetings of the 4 ILSE Commissions.

The participants at ILSE Sport Commission finalized the plannings for the European Lifesaving Championships 2019 in Italy.

ILSE Rescue Commission discussed about the further development of the web-based Risk Assessment platform.

The President of ILSE, Dr. Detlev Mohr, thanked ILSE Member KNBRD for the excellent organisation of the Meetings.

He awarded the ILSE Certificate of Merit to Dott. Giorgio Quintavalle, who is a Member of ILSE Board of Directors, and thanked him for his work.

Next Meetings 2020 will take place in Spain.