ILSE Commissions Meetings May 2022 in Antwerp, Belgium

photo: BLSF, Belgiumphoto: BLSF, Belgium

The Commissions of ILSE met for the annual meetings in Antwerp, Belgium, May 20-21, 2022.

The Member of the Drowning Prevention, Sport, Rescue and Management and Administration Commissions discussed about different topics:

The Drowning Prevention Commission will start a promotion campaign “watch out for our messages starting 13th June” in the social media of ILSE to increase the number of information for the webinar at the World Drowning Prevention Day on July, 25th, 2022, and schedules the virtual event. The Commission would like to strengthen the water safety awareness within the migrant and refugee communities.

ILSE Rescue Commission proposes to the ILSE BoD Risk Assessment Equivalency Guidelines, as brought forward by the Senior Tutors working group.

The Sport Commission received the applications from two ILSE Member Associations to host European Championships in 2023: The European Youth Lifesaving Championships in the second half of August 2023 at the Baltic Sea in Szczecin and Miedzyzdroje, Poland, the European Lifesaving Championships in September 2023 in Blankenberge and Brugge, Belgium.

A Best-Practice-Seminar, organised by the Management and Administration Commission took place under the headline: “How to improve collaboration by using digital tools and agile working approach”. Different ILSE Member Associations gave an overview about already used digital tools.