General Assembly 2024 of ILSE

photo: DLRG, Germany)

The General Assembly of ILSE took place in Bad Nenndorf, Germany, combined with the Board of Directors Meeting June 27-29, 2024. The main items were the election of the new President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General and some changes of the ILSE Constitution.

The General Assembly elected:

Dr. Dirk Bissinger PhD (DLRG/Germany) as President of ILSE.

The new elected Vice Presidents are Claire Ann V. Alfonso (NLS/Norway), Isabel Garcia (RFESS/Spain), Dr. Giorgio Quintavalle (FIN/Italy) and Jolanda van Dalen (KNBRD/The Netherlands).

As Secretary General the General Assembly elected Dr. Christoph Freudenhammer PhD (DLRG/Germany).

The General Assembly decided unanimously to honor the previous President of ILSE Dr. Detlev Mohr and the previous Secretary General Joachim Kellermeier as Honorary Life-Members of ILSE and thanked both with standing ovations for their longstanding work and efforts for ILSE.

(from right to left: Dr. Detlev Mohr and Joachim Kellermeier, Honorary Life-Members of ILSE and Dr. Dirk Bissinger, new elected President of ILSE, photo: I. Wilhelms)

The new elected Members of the ILSE Board of Directors are:

Pawel BlasiakWOPR/Poland
Cavell BurchellRLSS UK/United Kingdom
Dimitrios ChaliotisHRC/Greece
Didier ClerensBLSF/Belgian Lifesaving Federation
Jean Baptiste GimieFFSS/France
Clemente GramignaSLRG/Switzerland
Kristiina HeinonenFSL/Finland
Gerald InnerwinklerÖWR/Austria
Dr. Anders Jacobsson MDSLS/Sweden
Dr. Sanja Mazic MDRCS/Serbia
Clare McGrathWSI/Ireland
Polykarpos PallikarosCyprus Life Saving Federation
Silvana RadovanovicCRC/Croatia

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    Confeatukations to all incoming and continuing members.

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