‘Half-time’ European Championships 2015


‘Half-time’ European Championships 2015
for National Teams and Interclubs in Swansea and Aberavon
16 National Teams took part at the European Championships 2015 in Swansea/Wales.

During the last week Swansea and Aberavon were the top venues to watch the best European lifesavers of 16 ILSE Member Federations. The spectators could watch what the athletes are doing in the battles against drowning in case that the core competencies information, prevention and training fail. Rescue is the fourth element of the humanitarian work of ILSE Members. Lifesaving sport improves the fitness of lifesavers and helps to speed up rescue actions.
The National Teams showed fair and high level competitions. In the pool two world records and one European record were broken.
The organisation of the European Championships is a great task and the whole lifesaving family is very grateful to Surf Life Saving Great Britain, Surf Lifesaving Association Wales, the organising committee and all the volunteers helping that the event becomes remarkable.

This week all athletes of the 49 participating interclub teams, hopefully will achieve their goals in fair competitions and enjoy acting together to make Lifesaving 2015 in Swansea and Aberavon a special event in the spirit of friendship through lifesaving.